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crosswing chapter one It had been 2 weeks after brainiac 5 had left the legion of super hero's .he was planning on going to a out of the way remote planet that only had 7 to 8 countries on it and try to live a quiet left.All his plans changed when he end up meeting a girl named mar .he was about to bored a ship to take him there when a woman with a nice body, long bloned hair, glasses and black out fit start to come his way she turned her hand in to a sharp black and red claw and tryed to attack him. The people in the ship bay started to run and shout for help she star to set any thing in her way on fire.brainiac 5 started to run down a long hallway at the end of it he could see an exit be for he could get to it the women jumped over him and set the exit door and the hall way on fire brainiac 5 was tryed and wasn't sure what to do . What do you wont from me ,brainy asked ,I'm here to kill you a person that dont now how to fight using the power of a holy soul will be esey to get out of the way one less Exorcist to try to kill us off the king of the plant ringo called us from hell to do one thing find his bride and kill off all of you now die, brainy dont now what she was taking about but she started to get mader and mader, just when she was about to try to kill him brainy moved aside she srached is arm but it was a deep cut to , she was about to attack again when a girl with sharp eyes ,dark hair , black and purple outfit she was dressed almost like a spider, blocked her attack with a sword, crap its you ,web and blood maker MAR, the girl named mar walked over and put her head out ,can you stand ? um.......yes , brainy say something next to the girl it looked like a ghost ,the ghost has blue hair ,gold an white dress and purple , eyes , who ? is that girl brainy send as mar helped him up.Mar and the ghost like girl looked at each other , Mar sama he can ... he can see me , really if he can see you than now i now why this piece of trash is affter he, , hay whats you'r name boy ,um its brainac 5, nice to meet you . I'm mar, if you can stay behind me , now my holy soul , yuna come from the blue sky and kill all who burn the worlds you watch over, blazzing dash from the star . with a swing of her sword the demon was but by 7 different blur and orange lights the hall the were end startd to shake then ,there was a grate expulsion .2 days latter brainy start to wake up he was in bed next to him was the girl from the other , the next thing he see's that they were in bed together. he was going to try to get out off the bed but she had the lower half off his boy locked arond her legs, brainy manged to get her to legs unlocked from around him. he tried to get up but brainy head was in pain and stared to feel dizzie he saw that a purple spider had bit he soon after he was a sleep again ,moments after mar woke up and pulled the covers back over them both and said , good night brainy caz soon you'll be in a wonderful nightmare isn't that right tsubaki........ siting indian style hovering over brainy was a women with a a orange an black suit long flowing dark hair and gold / orange eyes and a red clip in her hear looking down at them an says my my how long has it been i havn't seen some one from the blue web clan in a long time..........

end of chapter one

crosswing by akira-okuzaki ,otomelove , shizurukiyohime and chao-lin
crosswing chapter 1

a story by :iconakira-okuzaki::iconchao-lin::iconotomelove::iconshizurukiyohime:

a story about brainac 5 after seson 2 of the legion of superhero's

it took like what 10 months to final get it done
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March 3, 2012
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